Yoga At Your brewery

None of us should be too surprised to hear that some very savvy breweries are teaming up with yoga instructors to bring us a clever way to get healthy and reduce stress: yoga in breweries.

Why breweries?

Breweries already have a relaxed, fun vibe. You go there to socialize, to try some killer brews, and to hang out with people who want to talk beer with you. Why not take it the extra step and get fit while you’re at it? Many traditional, studio classes are taught in quiet, dark rooms where students are encouraged to focus on inner reflections which correspond with the movements. In brewery classes, it’s much more of a laid-back, communal feel, it's a little less quiet, and it's a bit more accepting of the moment for what it has to offer.

who's doing it?

The cool thing about yoga in breweries is that it’s attracting people who might not have otherwise stepped foot into a yoga studio before. People who are already at the brewery for a pint might see an a flyer for yoga and opt to try it. Many breweries report their classes having about 50 percent men in attendance, which is usually not the case in a traditional yoga class. Conversely, women who are drawn more to yoga than beer may be enticed by the opportunity to try new craft brews. It’s a win-win!

what you can expect from winding lotus

  • To show up early and to help prepare your space for the class.

  • To be professional throughout the entire process, from coordination to execution.

  • To stay and have a beer with the students to build a sense of community and connection through our love of yoga and craft beer.

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